Crochet Journey, Resources and Links

Wow, with today's technology and Youtube, I believe you can learn anything you want. If you want to learn how to fix an engine, paint a room, cut floor tile, or crochet you can do it.

 I am 46 years old and over the past several months I have taught myself to crochet. My mother has always crocheted beautiful baby blankets and afghans and also some outfits in the past. But I never really picked it up. I guess I just wasn't determined enough, or didn't have reason enough to do it.

I learned how to knit a few years ago during a Homeschool Co-Op class. A couple moms volunteered to teach a class to teach people how to knit. So there I learned to do basic knit and pearl, I also learned how to make a basic loom hat from some round looms.  I did knit up a few ponchos for my daughter, but found that I really had problems when I dropped a stitch. I couldn't seem to fix my work, and would end up pulling the whole thing out. I also tried knitting up some decorative dishcloths, but seemed to not keep count well so doing designs didn't really work out for me

                                              Here is one of my first knitting projects.
                            I just knitted two squares, sewed them together and added fringe.

So over the past few months I decided it was time to get serious on crocheting. I began with making some doll hats and ponchos for my daughters AG doll. I also met a lady at Walmart who had on a spiral scarf. (I had heard about them, but never done them.) I asked her if she knitted it up and she said no she purchased it. So I decided that I would try knitting up a few for our Church's Christmas Bazaar. I was really surprised that my items sold as well as they did. I sold out of all my scarves, and all my AG doll items, and even had some custom orders that I took.

Since then I decided to give some other things a go, Most recently character hats, and other crocheted hats.

Here are some of the links I have used in my journey to learn how to crochet. I wanted to include these and also hope to update this page often, in order to help those looking. (Because I have spent hours upon hours searching for ways to learn to do things, and some ways are easier than others, and some people teach better than others.)

Mostly I use youtube videos. Another source I use is I have never purchased a pattern yet. But if you visit Etsy you can get inspiration. Then it is just a matter of making the 'Hat you want,": by finding the techniques.  Most recently I wanted to add a band to a newsboy hat and after searching finally found a baby hat that had the pattern for the band. I just adjusted it to the size I needed.

Basic Learn to crochet stitches, etc.

I have heard good things about this site, but only used the site once. But it is a great resource.

Beginner projects

Owl Hat

Sock Monkey Hat
This is the first Sock Monkey Hat video I used  I like the ears on this one best.

This is the snout I like to use.

Again this is after trying different patterns, styles, I find what I like and just take portions of each that I prefer.               

      Here is my first attempt at a sock monkey hat using the first video listed under Sock Monkey hats.

                     Using the 2nd video I started using the filled Snout which I like much better.
But I kept the ears from the first video because I liked them better than the ones in the 2nd video.
I also sewed in the pom pom on this hat. Each yarn is individually sewn in. (So they are not falling out.) Something I should have figured out when I made my grandson's hat below. Because it is just a matter of time before a toddler destroys that one. So I imagine I will be re-doing that pom at some time.

Basic Beanie

                                                                        Newsboy Hat
After learning how to make a basic beanie. I began learning how to add this cute visor. It took a few tries to get it right, but now I can pretty much tell when I am making the hat, how many stitches to add to the hat and how long to go out. This was my first one and the brim was really short.

Some of my later versions.


Teen -adult size newsboy hat. with band.

This is my favorite, and my daughter is begging me to make her a hat and cape to match her doll.
(So it is on my to-do list .)

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