Flip Flop Birthday Invitations

My Big Shot Arrived. Probably My favorite craft too.
Early Christmas Card Creations
At our last Hobby Hall I made these Christmas cards.
I bought the blank red round cards at Michael's last year when I went to Texas.
They were easy to just add the paper elements to make the cards. I used
my big shot embosser to make the swirls in the beard. I used a punch for the snowflake and the nose. I hand cut the nose and drew in the eyes and mouths.

General Cards
I love to purchase predesigned cards, and do simple embellishments to them.
It is easy, but still personalizes the card.
I added the three flowers, button centers, and sticker greeting.
Of course it is always nice to have a stamped envelope too.

These are actually thank you cards. I decided to get them anyway and just cover up the "Thank You"
I added my greeting right over theirs. This allowed me to use 10 cards for $1.00 and customize them. Making cards from your own cardstock and then adding designer paper can add up and this is a great alternative.

Here is what the card looked like when I purchased the pack
for $1.00
I turned this one into a Birthday card with a simple embellishment.

Fall Cards
I ran across these packaged cards 10 in a pack with envelopes for $1.00.  (At the same time I got the ones above.)

So I thought
they were cute, had fall colors and would be easy to embellish. Also the back doesn't have
writing so I could add my own stamp to personalize the cards. This is what they looked like out
of the pack.
(Anyway, the main reason I put these on my blog is so I have a record of the card.)
So many times I make a card, and give it away then I don't remember it.)
So I wanted to remember some of them.
Here is one I made into a birthday card, just by adding a simple sticker/die cut embellishment.
I like adding a stamp to the envelope to personalize it a little more.
Birthday Cards

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