Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hobby Hall Creations

Here are two of the latest hats I made. I worked on these during Hobby Hall. Twice a month I meet with some friends and we work on our hobbies.

 I used this pattern to learn to make the mouth and eyes.
Once you know how to make a basic beanie. You can decide if you want
earflaps, what face you want, and if you want braids etc.
This is a newborn size owl hat I made. I began with a 12 inch chain, joined it and then began double crochet until I got to 5.5 inches. Then I closed up the top by chaining through both sides. I pinched the sides with bows to define the ears a bit, and added tassels. I also decided on letting the yarn hang freely at the bottom instead of chaining or braiding it.
I used this video for to learn how to do the sleepy owl eyes.

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