Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hobby Hall crafts

I am really fortunate to be able to meet with some other ladies a couple times a month. We snack, talk and craft together.

I was able to finish up a couple projects today. The first thing I made was some wrist warmers. I used the forever 21 stitch. (I mentioned that in my last post.) It is based on skipping a stitch, doing 2 trebles and going back with a double crochet in the missed stitch. Anyway the wrist warmers are made out of the same stitch. So all you do is make a flat panel and sew the sides together.The thumb holes are already there because that stitch makes the holes.

I finished up this Sponge bob hat. (For my nephew, Keegan) I didn't use a pattern.
 I just went and looked at various hats and made it.

I am so proud of Lexi, she made her first loom knit beanie today. I made the bow to go on it.

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