Thursday, January 31, 2013

Owl Hats

This is my very first crocheted owl hat. I used this tutorial to learn how to do it.

This is the 2nd one I created and I chose to go with a square version. You just crochet a foundation chain the circumference of the head size. Join with Slip Stitch and continue crocheting in the round.
Once you get the length you want you sew the tops together with yarn.
Then you just make the eyes, etc.

This is the last one I made, I did it similar to the 2nd one, but I decreased some at the top, to bring it in and make it a little smaller. I also customized the eye brows myself.

Sock Monkey Hat

This is a sock monkey hat I made for my grandson Kylan. I used 2 tutorials for it.
I used this one for the hat and the ears.
I used this video to learn how to make the puffier snout.
I think both videos are great for learning how to make the hat.
But I do prefer to double crochet instead of single crochet. The first video uses a
double crochet pattern, (which works up faster than a single chain.) So that is why I use two different tutorials and patterns. Taking what I like from each source.

Football Beanie

Here is a darling little football beanie I made for my grandson, Kylan.

Here is the link to the tutorial I used to make it.

Crocheted Newsboy Hat


Crocheted Puff Stitch Hat

I am really excited about creating this Puff Stitch Hat. I used this video. To complete the hat. There are several different videos. I think 4 or 5 in this series.

 Here are the pictures of the completed project. I chose very soft, slightly varigated yarn. I also wanted some colors that would work well for Easter.

One thing you really have to learn in crocheting is that you may have to tear your work out at times. I noticed my puff stitches were pretty loose, and my chains for the brim ended up very tight. So this hat should fit Lexi above. (But when I first finished it, it didn't. ) I was way too tight, I would have fit a 3-6 month old child, but then would have looked like a Pillsbury dough boy hat on the child. So I ripped out the last 4 rows of chain stitches. Having to literally use scissors to cut them out. Then I re-crocheted those 4 rows, using a bigger hook and making sure I used a looser stitch. Which ended up with the result above. (The hat fitting.)
In the video she adds a darling little scallop for the last row, and also 4 chains to be sewn around the bottom of the hat, and also adds a crocheted button cover. (It is so precious, and definitely vintage looking.) But Lexi said it was too dressy for her, so I stopped here. I added a flower, and thought this one was dressier than a crocheted flower would have been. This flower is just pinned on.  If you decide to give this hat a go, have patience, but have fun. I really did enjoy learning this new "puff stitch" and love the look of the hat too. And the hat itself works up quick, adding on the extras takes some time though. (Oh and you might want to grab a larger hook -at least one or two sizes up for the chains at the bottom.)

Valentine Eyes Sock Monkey Hats

If you notice herem the location of the ears is really important. I got them a little too high in the 2nd hat, and think it looks more like a "bear monkey" I also think adding the stripe at the top of the hat looks more like the monkey is wearing a beanie.